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History of the vehicle

The doubledeck articulated coach was presented to the public at the Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main in 1975 and also at the International Omnibus Week in Nice in 1977 with the name "Jumbocruiser".
This vehicle, which was an outstanding moment in the history of German vehicles, was able to transport 144 passengers for travelling, ranged among the biggest man-made coaches ever and was registered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's biggest on-road coach.
As only 12 vehicles were built, it is a unique rarity and has been described and explained in several books and publications since.
Moreover, our research has shown that in the meantime it is the last "surviving species" of this construction line.

Renovation and Equipment

The coach has been re-modeled and changed into an "Action Mobile" in the course of several years of renovation (about 25.000 working hours).
Hereby a new motor was installed and the transmission overhauled.
The chassis was completely renewed and covered with sheet metal, a drop backboard was integrated into the rear part as a loading platform for small vehicles, and seven additional sky lights were installed on the roof.
Moreover, a roof platform was mounted onto the entire length of the vehicle. In addition an exterior lighting set with 8 spotlights of 500 watt each was installed onto the roof which can be combined with a space for advertising.
The floor for the bathroom was lowered in order to gain an ideal standing height in the shower area.
In the upper deck there are a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom and guest "berths" with a floor area of about 45 square metres.
In the lower deck next to the driver's space and eight seats there are a working and conference compartment as well as a bar.
The rear part is used as a garage and material storage room (lower part about 40 square metres).