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Technical data

Doubledeck articulated coach made by the Neoplan Company - Jumbocruiser N138
18 metres length, 4 metres height and 2.5 meters width, total weight 28 tons.
turning circle 24 metres by means of a guided trailing axle
Serial number 1, quantity of vehicles produced: 12.
12 cylinder V-type engine with 440 PS (1 kilowatt = 1,36 PS) power and 20910 cubic centimetres capacity of the engine.


Type: Daimler Benz, OM 404, 12 Cylinder V-Motor, Diesel Injection
Power: 440 PS; Engine Capacity: 20, 910 ccm
Tank: 400 litres; consumption: 46 litres


Type Allison HAT 750m CR, Automatic

Sources of Electricity 1:

Generator Type Zeisse Camino 8. Power 5,4 kwh
The generator is cooled by water, sound-proofed and partly contributes to the heating system by utilising thermal waste heat.

Sources of Electricity 2:

6 Gel Batteries, Type Sunshine with 10-15 kwh storage capacity. Connected with transformer Type Freedom charging combination to allow an absolutely silent energy supply up to 6 kw. This 231 Volt network system is available in the entire vehicle.


1. “Webasto” auxiliary heating system DW 80.04, power 12 kwh.
2. Additional electrical heating devices, e.g. type De Longhi PAC 26 Super.
3. Thermal waste heat from generator; power: 12 kwh.

Air conditioning:

Type: De Longhi PAC 26 Super; power 2,5 kwh; water-cooled.

Lighting system:

60 low voltage halogen lamps with total power of 0,6 kw.
This system operates over the board network, the supply storage, or the 231 voltage network, functions in several rooms simultaneously and can be dimmed.

Water supply:

1. Fresh water tanks: 230 litres in tractive part, 440 litres in rear part.
2. Warm water boiler: Elegena Nautic-therm ME with heat exchanging device; 50 litres.
3. Waste water tanks: shower 120 litres, toilet 120 litres, kitchen and bar 120 litres.


SAT Alarm System, permit N° G 194.720:
Burglary alarm, type MC 1300
Radio alarm system, type EAS 7106
Control and indicating parts type BC 041, BC 08
Operating Safety:
The entire vehicle technology has been overhauled and the entire electrical system renewed and modernised.
To facilitate driving, backing up and parking a camera type Clarion CJ-720 E, CJ-711 E and 2 ultrasonic distance measuring systems type Bosch-Park Pilot URF 1 have been installed.

Exterior Design/Light Protection:

Type Folia TEC 43 N° 05133, Midnight Superplus (Reflex) Heat reflection: 68% Light permeability: 7%

Additional accessories:

roof platform 17 x 1.7 metres
exterior lighting system 8 x 500 watts
tent 11 x 18 metres (200 square metres)
video projection screen 9 x 5 metres (45 square metres)
projection installation 1000 Ansi Lumen, 980,000 pixel