THEBUS  worldgreatest MOTORHOME
Guinness Book 1997
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Greatest Luxury Motorhome !

THEBUS   18 meter, 28000 kilos pure luxury
THEBUS   150 sq advertising-area outside.
THEBUS   100 sq banneradvertising & flags on bus
THEBUS   for events, VIP, promotion, tour, tournee, rolling casino and more...


We present you this unique, multifunctional, luxury double deck articulated coach - the Luxury OASIS - which is an extraordinary 18 meter long eye appeal for business, entertainment, PR events and private use (e.g. falcon hunting). The Luxury OASIS is a single piece and there are no other vehicles existing in this set up and size world-wide.
Neoplan, a well known German bus constructor built only 12 pieces of this "Jumbo Cruisers" for passenger transports and 144 persons could take place in it.
Excellent German designers and engineers created in app. 18.000 working hours this very exclusive vehicle. This bus was total disassembled up to the last screw, covered with aluminium sheets, all technical parts (engine, breaks, gearing, electric system, ...) were replaced trough new one and built up. Every step of this work was conserved by photos.
This vehicle is registered in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the largest, street registered motor home.